Big Jim

Style Belgian Quad/Dark Strong Ale
ABV 9.5%
O.G. 1.084
Fermentables Pilsen Malt, Melanoidin Malt, Special B, Dark Candi Sugar, Dextrose
Hops Styrian Goldings
Format Draft, 22 oz Bottles
Availability While this used to be brewed regularly, beginning in 2015 it will be brewed once per year, in November


Big Jim seems like a nice guy, at least until he attacks your sobriety with the smooth precision of a Van Damme flying roundhouse you never saw coming. He's a trained MMA fighter, blending deceptive strength with unexpected subtlety.


A Belgian Quad, Jim has a dark stone-fruit flavor, hinting at plum and raisin, that comes from Belgian yeast and a blend of Special B malt with Dark Candi sugar.

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