Sir Joshua

Style India-Style Black Ale (Black IPA)
ABV 6.2%
O.G. 1.060
Fermentables 2-Row, Simpsons Crystal 30-37, Melanoidin, Carafa Special 3
Hops Chinook, Summit, Zeus
Format Draft Only. We canned it once.
Availability Brewed infrequently.


Sir Joshua is an undead knight wearing black armor and wielding a flaming sword. Impossible to kill, he returns time after time to wreak havoc and spread darkness. Despite having a skull instead of a face, he has a huge bushy beard.


Sir Joshua is a Black IPA featuring intense hop character with a tropical fruit focus. The color comes from Midnight Wheat, a debittered black malt that imparts a mild roast character to the aroma without astringency. A mild sweetness is quickly overtaken by firm bitterness and a dry finish.