Keg Sales

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Odd13 offers direct to consumer keg sales. Kegs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, although we do accept reservations. We DO NOT guarantee that any specific beer will be available unless a reservation is confirmed in advance.

Keg Rental Policy

We do not charge for keg or tap rentals, but we do collect deposits for each. Deposits are $100 for kegs and $50 for taps. Deposits can only be paid by credit card and are fully refundable upon return. Even if you've paid the deposit, Odd13 still owns the keg shell and the tap so we'd really like them back. Damage to kegs or taps will result in forfeiture of deposit. We aren't worried about small scratches or dings - we just want to be sure everything is usable for the next renter.

Walk In Kegs

Our tap list lists kegs that are available for walk-in purchase. While we make every effort to keep the tap list up to date throughout the day, sometimes we get busy and it lags a bit. The tap list is 100% accurate every day at open.

How do I tap a keg?

Our staff will give you a quick run down, but this YouTube video is helpful as well.

How long is a keg good for?

With a hand pump, kegs will stale and go flat within 24 hours. Hand pumps are pretty much only good for parties. If you are using a kegerator, we typically advertise a 3 month shelf life but some beers (mostly the non-hoppy ones) will last even longer.